Yeah, I Work Out!

The purpose of this page is to outline some common workout/exercise routines.  Workouts have been categorized below.  Workouts that are in BOLD are BeachBody Workouts – if you’re interested in any of these, just contact your coach!  Don’t have a coach?  Contact the site administrator if you’re interested in joining our team and we’ll gladly work with you to determine the best coach match-up for your personal goals.

And please use the comment section below to share your favorite workouts – we don’t want to leave any out!

Foam Rolling – learn more here
Yoga – check out the different types of yoga here
Pilates – learn more here

Low Impact:
Walking – 10,000 steps a day is recommended, and people who increase their number of steps a day can reap the rewards of lower blood pressure and improved glucose levels, among other benefits.  Ask the group about their favorite step counters if you’re interested!
Elliptical / StairMaster
Rowing / Kayaking – find a launch site!
Hiking / Rock Climbing – find a trail near you!
Water Aerobics
Snowshoeing / Cross-Country Skiing – learn more about snowshoeing here, then find some great trails for both activities here!
Ballroom Dancing
Step Aerobics
Tai Cheng – a 90-day program that incorporates 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi.PiYo – this program does not use weights or jumps, but still helps get you an ultra-lean and defined physique, without straining your joints.  The program focuses on pilates, yoga, and cardio.

Zumba – learn more here
Pole – learn more here
Belly Dancing – learn more here
Hip Hop / Tap / Ballet classes
Barre – learn more here
Hip-Hop Abs – dance your way to a six-pack!Shaun T Dance – high-energy dance workout program to burn calories and lose weight.
Cize – the end of exercise!! We have our own Cize Live instructor, Coach Nikki Cabral, so ask her about it if you’re interested!
Turbo Jam – kickboxing and body-sculpting workouts set to great dance music.
Brazil Butt Lift – a combo of Brazilian dance, cardio, and lower-body sculpting moves to shape your behind!

High Impact:
Weight-Lifting / Power-Lifting
Plyometrics – check out some Plyo moves here
Interval-Training – see info and examples here
Mountain Biking – check this site out for some inspiration!
Spinning – everything you wanted to know about spinning!
Skiing / Snowboarding – the best slopes in North America!
P90, P90X, P90X2, P90X3, 10-Minute Trainer – these programs focus on building muscle and burning calories with weight training & cardio.  P90, P90X, P90X2 are all 90-day programs and the workouts are approximately an hour or longer (P90X is more challenging than P90, and P90X2 is more challenging than P90X).  P90X3 shortens the workouts to 30 minutes each.  10-Minute Trainer cuts the workout down to 10 minutes!
Insanity, Insanity the Asylum, Insanity Max 30 – use max interval training to push yourself to the limit!
Focus T25 – give it your all for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, to see amazing results!
Turbo Fire – an intense cardio conditioning program that helps you burn tons of fat and calories!
Chalean Extreme – burn more fat by building lean muscle in this intense workout!
21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme – combine some great 30 minute workouts with a portion-control eating program, and you get the 21 Day Fix!  Make those workouts even more challenging, and you get the 21 Day Fix Extreme!
Slim in 6 – see great results in just 6 weeks!
LesMills Combat – a mixed martial arts inspired program that will burn tons of calories while building/defining muscle.
Body Beast – the focus of this program is on resistance training, nutrition and suppliments
Hammer & Chisel – not for the faint of heart!  This program pushes you to be your very best and build muscle while burning fat and calories!

Short on Time??
10-Minute Trainer – lose weight and get toned FAST with these 10 minute workout videos and eating plan!
P90X3 – get extreme results with these intense 30 minute workouts!
Insanity Max 30 – the CRAZIEST 30 minutes of your day!  No equipment needed!
Focus T25 – Just 25 minutes a day of intense exercise and you’re done!
21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme – portion-control containers, recipe ideas, and 30 minute workouts!


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